FAQ: What is Mobile ADF?


What is Mobile ADF?


The Mobile GIS Application Development Framework (ADF) is a software development kit for mobile devices. The framework is intended for developers creating lightweight, easy-to-deploy, server-oriented applications that have a robust, responsive, and rich user experience on the client device used in the field. The Mobile GIS ADF extends mobile business application in the following ways:

· Embed a map in the mobile application.
· Capture and updated spatial and tabular data when connected or disconnected from the server.
· Edit in the field and synchronize in the office when connected.
· Capture or use GPS location as a navigation aid.

The Mobile GIS ADF field editing model allows users to edit both existing versioned and unversioned databases stored in the server-side ArcSDE geodatabases.

Deploy the ADF to two families of clients:
· Windows 32- based clients like laptops or Tablet PCs.
· Windows Mobile devices like Pocket PC and Windows CE devices.

The Mobile ADF allows the development of occasionally connected applications on both platforms. With the Mobile ADF, users have the ability to survive network outages without losing their work. Application logic can specifically be designed around sometimes connected scenarios for mobile computers as well as always connected scenarios for desktop computers.

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