How To: Organize image service names into folders


Instructions provided demonstrate how to organize the image services into folders when editing the service in ArcMap. This is done to improve the presentation of image services to the clients.

For example, alter the Service Name by giving it a path structure, such as 'Satellite/QB_432'. When the client accesses the list of image services, a folder called Satellite is available. Double-clicking this folder displays the image service QB_432.


Define the name of the image service by using the New Image Service Wizard or editing the image service properties.

If using the New Image Service Wizard, enter the service name with its folder structure on the 'Enter the information about the image service' page.
[O-Image] New Image Service Wizard
Another option is to edit the service name in the image service properties.

  • Click the Image Service Properties button on the Image Service Editor toolbar.
  • Click the Service Definition node.
  • In the Service Name text box, enter the service name with its folder structure.
    [O-Image] Image Service Properties dialog box