Problem: Text shrinks when exporting to PDF from Crystal Reports for ESRI


Text shrinks or is reduced in resultant PDF files exported from Crystal Reports for ESRI version 11. For example, text is set to Arial 10 point size in Crystal Reports, but is reduced to 8.95 point size in the exported PDF file.


This is a known issue with the Crystal Reports PDF exporter.

Solution or Workaround

Add two registry keys.

Warning: The instructions below include making changes to essential parts of your operating system. It is recommended that you backup your operating system and files, including the registry, before proceeding. 

Consult with a qualified computer systems professional, if necessary. Esri cannot guarantee results from incorrect modifications while following these instructions; therefore, use caution and proceed at your own risk.
Note: This information is taken from the Business Objects Knowledge Base article linked in the Related Information section below, but has been customized for 'Crystal Reports for ESRI' install.
  1. Select Start > Run. Type regedit and click OK.
  2. Expand HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Business Objects\Crystal Reports for ESRI.
  3. Right-click the Export folder and select New > Key. This creates a new folder. Name the new folder PDF.
  4. Right-click the PDF folder and select New > DWORD Value.
  5. Name this ForceLargerFonts - note that it is case sensitive.
  6. Double-click ForceLargerFonts and change the Value data to 1. Click OK.
  7. Close all the registry folders and expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Business Objects\Suite 11.0.
  8. Right-click the Crystal Reports folder and select New > Key. Name this key Export.
  9. Right-click the Export folder and select New > Key. This creates a new folder. Name this folder PDF.
  10. Repeat steps 4 through 6.
  11. Close the Registry Editor and restart Crystal Reports. New PDF exports should now export the correct font size.

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