Problem: Map image does not display in a .NET web application


A Microsoft .NET web application created by ArcGIS Server or ArcIMS does not display properly in Internet Explorer. The main map image does not display but the banner, toolbar, and frames do display when accessed as:


The web application displays correctly when accessed as:



This problem only occurs when loading the application with Internet Explorer. Other supported browsers such as Netscape and Firefox do not experience this issue.

This problem occurs when the host name of the machine serving the web application contains an underscore character. Host names cannot contain underscore characters due to a limitation of Domain Name System (DNS) and Active Server Pages (ASP).

From the Microsoft Support website:

"Cookies on ASP pages are blocked if the server name contains characters that are not supported by Domain Name System (DNS). For example, you cannot use underscore characters (_) in the server name. This behavior is by design."

For more information, see the link in the Related section below.

Solution or Workaround

Change the host name of the web server computer serving the web application to a name that does not contain underscores.

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