How To: Change the ports used by the ArcGIS, ArcIMS Java Web Manager service


By default, the ArcGIS Java Web Manager uses the port 8099 and the ArcIMS Java Web Manager uses the port 8098. If these ports are not available, the Web Manager will fail to start. To fix this problem, change the port number used by the Web Manager.


  1. Navigate to the folder <ArcGIS Install Folder>\java\<manager | arcims_manager>\service\tomcat\managerserver\conf\.
  2. Edit the file server.xml in Notepad.
  3. For ArcIMS Manager, search for the string
    <Connector port="8098"

    For ArcGIS Manager, search for the string
    <Connector port="8099"
  4. Change the port number to a value that is not used by any other application or service(NOTE: Some port changes require admin privileges.)
  5. Re-start the ArcGIS/ArcIMS Web Manager service.
  6. Use the new port number to connect to the Web Manager service.

    ArcIMS Manager:

    ArcGIS Manager: