How To: Request ArcGIS License Manager license file online


Instructions provided are the steps for requesting a license file for concurrent use ArcGIS Desktop licenses, keyed to your hardware key, from the ESRI Customer Service website.


  1. Start a Web browser and browse to the Esri Accounts log-in page.
  2. Log in with your Esri Global account; if you do not have one, create one.
    Esri highly recommends having an Esri Global account. Information in the knowledge base about known issues is available, as well as the ability to post questions and answers on the Esri GeoNet.
    If you do not remember your Esri Global Account login or password, e-mail: accounts@esri.com for assistance.
  3. Select 'Request A New License File'.
  4. Select 'Add newly purchased licenses to a new or existing license server.' Select your version. Click Next.
  5. Complete the additional information; only the fields with an '(R)' are required. Click Next.
  6. Add the hostname of the computer where the license manager is to be installed and add the sentinel or hardware key number for the original hardware key.
    If unsure of the hostname of the computer, do the following:
    a. Navigate to Start > Run, type cmd and click OK.
    b. In the MS-DOS prompt, type hostname and press enter. This returns the hostname of the computer.
    The hostname in the license file can be changed later to match a different computer. Open the license file in Notepad, look for the line that starts with 'SERVER' and change the word after that to the hostname of the different computer.
  7. For Make/Model, just type in general brand name of the computer, for example 'Dell' or 'Compaq'; it does not need to be a complete match.
  8. For the serial number, type '123456' or something similar; this is not required for Windows license files, so there isn't a need to be 100% accurate.
  9. Select the operating system of your computer.
  10. Skip the 'FlexLM Hostid'; this is only required for UNIX.
  11. Select 'Yes' and click Next.
  12. Select 'Create a new license file for server "<your_server_name>" with only the quantities entered below.' Enter the total number of licenses you own in the boxes below. Click Next.
  13. Complete the wizard; a new license file containing all your licenses will be e-mailed to you within one working day.

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