Problem: ArcGIS Server services stops and won't restart when the ArcGIS Server is disconnected from the LAN


Services do not start when the LAN connection has failed to the ArcGIS Server or if the LAN cable is disconnected from the Server.

This is commonly seen when ArcGIS Server is installed on a laptop for testing or demonstration purposes.


When a service is created by browsing to a shared .mxd document in Server Manager, ArcGIS Server is using an UNC path to the document.

Microsoft Windows has a known limitation that does not allow a machine to use UNC paths when it does not have an active LAN connection.

Solution or Workaround

When creating the service in Server Manager, instead of browsing to the map document by using the browse tool, type the full path to the map document in the text box.

Example: C:\data\MyMap.mxd