Bug: Unable to register Oracle Spatial tables with ArcSDE using sdelayer unless the -P or -x options are specified


When registering an Oracle Spatial layer with ArcSDE using the sdelayer -o register command, if the -P option, to specify the precision, or the -x option, to set the spatial reference, are not used, the command fails and displays the following error message:

"Error: Coordref or Layer precision not OK for requested operation (-375).
Error: Cannot Create Layer."

If the -P or -x options are used with this command, the registration succeeds. However, the -x and -P are normally optional arguments and should not be required for layer registration.


This is a known issue.


Be sure to either specify the -P option or -x option with appropriate values when registering Oracle Spatial layers with ArcSDE using the sdelayer -o register command.

For details on sdelayer and the options that are specified with it, consult the ArcSDE Administration Command Reference.

ArcSDE administration commands are not supported beginning with ArcGIS 10.3. Instead, use the Register with Geodatabase geoprocessing tool, and register tables with the geodatabase.