Problem: Unable to alter the spatial index grid sizes of a DB2 feature class in load-only I/O mode


When a feature class in a DB2 geodatabase is in load-only I/O mode, altering the spatial index grid cell values using the sdelayer -o alter command or the SE_layer_alter C-API function does not change the grid cell values.


This is a known limitation of using sdelayer -o alter or SE_layer_alter on a DB2 feature class that is in load-only I/O mode.

Solution or Workaround

Either place the feature class in normal I/O mode before altering the spatial grid cell size using sdelayer -o alter or the SE_layer_alter function, or edit the grid cell sizes in ArcCatalog.

For information on editing a feature class' grid cell sizes in ArcCatalog, see the Desktop Help topic: Setting spatial indexes.