How To: Uninstall ArcGIS Server 9.2 on Linux/Solaris


Instructions provided describe the process of uninstalling ArcGIS Server 9.2 on Linux/Solaris.


  1. Run the stopserver script under <ArcGIS Server install location>/scripts directory as ArcGIS install user.

    cd to <ArcGIS Server install location>/scripts location

  2. Uninstall ArcGIS Server using the uninstallArcGISServer script under <ArcGIS Server install location>/scripts directory as the super user.


    During the uninstall, it asks whether to back up the applications. The default choice is [Y]. At 9.2, make sure to select yes, otherwise the uninstall does not work properly. If a back up is not required, delete the backup files at a later time.

    It also prompts for a location to save the backup files. Select the default location or enter any other directory path.
  3. Delete .mw and/or .arcgis folders under the following locations, if they exist:
    - Superuser's home directory
    - SOM account's home directory
    - SOC account's home directory
    - Install user account's home directory
  4. Delete 'arcgis' folder in <arcgiserver install location> if left behind after uninstall.
  5. Clean up any files or folders that contain mw, Mw or MW in the name including hidden files under /tmp folder.
  6. Reboot the machine to remove any orphaned threads or processes.
  7. Check the following folders to make sure that they do not contain any 'serverobjectmanager' and 'mwcore_*' files. Delete them if they exist:
    - /etc/init.d
    - /etc/rc2.d
    - /etc/rc3.d
    - /etc/rc5.d
  8. Verify the presence of /etc/mainwin.conf file and delete if it exists.
  9. Verify the presence of /etc/remotesa/remotesa.config and delete if it exists.