Problem: Installation of ArcGIS Desktop freezes and displays no error message


At or near the end of the ArcGIS Desktop installation process, the installation hangs; no errors are displayed.


There is an invalid or corrupted file, or the installer is copying a file to a directory where the installer does not have access to write or overwrite a file.

Solution or Workaround

To resolve this issue, create an installation log file to locate the problem file.

  1. Navigate to Start > Run and type the following:

    msiexec /i D:\setup.msi /L*v C:\logme.log

    Substitute the proper letter of the computer CD-ROM drive for D: above.
  2. Run the install until it freezes.
  3. View the file logme.log; the last entry should indicate the file that is causing the freeze.
  4. Verify that all users have full read/write access to the directory structure or the file that the installer is trying to overwrite.