Problem: Schema validation warning: Schema item 'complexType' named 'GeocodeCandidate'


When adding SOAP v2006.1 Address Finder Web Service or Authentication Web Service as a Web Reference in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, the following warning is displayed for all complexType elements:

"Schema validation warning: Schema item 'complexType' named 'GeocodeCandidate' from namespace 'http://www.arcwebservices.com/v2006_1/com.esri.aws.dto/' is invalid. Namespace 'http://www.arcwebservices.com/v2006_1/com.esri.aws.dto.geom/' is not available to be referenced in this schema."


Visual Studio 2005 is very strict with schema validation.

Solution or Workaround

Ignore this warning. The ArcWeb Services team has validated that all ArcWeb services work with Visual Studio 2005.