How To: Deploy mobile applications to an emulator using Visual Studio 2005


It is critical to test the mobile application during development. While testing is relatively straightforward when building an application for the Windows XP platform, it can be considerably more difficult to test applications built for Windows Mobile devices.

Visual Studio 2005 includes a set of device emulators that can deploy the Windows Mobile applications to and test against during the development process.

Instructions provided describe how to deploy mobile applications to an emulator using Visual Studio 2005. Follow the steps below to connect an emulator to a PC.


To use a device emulator to test ArcGIS Mobile applications, it is necessary to change the device network settings so that a connection can be made to Web services published by ArcGIS Server.

Follow these steps:
1. In Visual Studio, click Device Emulator manager from the Tools menu and from within the manager, right-click and connect to an emulator image.
2. Once the emulator starts, tap Settings from the Start menu in the emulator.
3. Tap the Connections tab from the Settings dialog box.
4. Tap on the Connections icon.
5. Select the Advanced tab.
6. Click on Select Networks.
7. In the Network Management window, change the Internet connection setting from My ISP to My Work Network.
8. In the main emulator window menu, click Configure from the File menu item. This opens an emulator properties window.
9. Switch to the Network Properties tab and make sure the network adapter is bound to the connected network card.
10. In the Device Emulator Manager, right-click on the connected emulator and click Cradle. This opens the ActiveSync window.
11. In the ActiveSync window, select Connection Settings from menu.
12. In the connection combo box, change the value from automatic to Work Network.
13. If using ActiveSync 4.1, open the network connections window and find the entry for Windows Mobile device.

Make sure that the TCP/IP stack is checked.

Testing the connection:
To ensure the connection to a mobile Web service, open Pocket Internet Explorer (PIE) on the emulator and type, in a URL, the desired location for the mobile application to connect to, followed by the "?wsdl" suffix. An example: http://mobile.mycompanyname.com/ArcGIS/services/MobileMap/MapServer/MobileServer?wsdl.