How To: Set the X/Y domain when creating a raster catalog in ArcSDE 9.0/9.1 server


ArcSDE 9.0/9.1 stores spatial information with low precision while ArcSDE 9.2 uses high precision.

When creating a raster catalog in ArcSDE 9.2 server using the geoprocessing tool, ArcGIS automatically assigns proper X/Y domain for the geometry column. It assigns a domain that covers the whole horizon of the spatial reference if the column has a spatial reference. This allows raster datasets to be loaded to the raster catalog without going out of bounds.

However, when creating a raster catalog in ArcSDE 9.0/9.1 server, the X/Y domain is not properly assigned in most cases. Instructions provided describe how to assign the X/Y domain manually.


  1. Run the Create Raster Catalog geoprocessing tool.
  2. Enter all required fields.
  3. Specify the spatial reference for raster and geometry column.
  4. Click on Environment from the dialog box and navigate to Geodatabase Settings.
  5. Locate the Output XY Domain parameter by either browsing to a dataset whose spatial reference has the correct xy domain or by typing the numbers.

    You may want to examine the extents of all the rasters you want to load and find the union extent beforehand.