Error: Cannot update footprints in ArcCatalog for an ArcSDE raster catalog

Error Message

Trying to update footprints in ArcCatalog for ArcSDE raster catalog do not update the image, however no error is displayed.


Grid size of the shape column in the raster catalog is smaller than required by the footprint of the image which prohibits the footprint from updating.

Solution or Workaround

Change the Grid Size of the raster catalog using the sdelayer command.

  1. Navigate to Start > Run, type cmd and click OK.
  2. Use the following sdelayer command:

    sdelayer -o alter -l <raster_catalog_name>,shape -g 10000,0,0 -N -i <sde_service_name> -u <owner_of_raster_catalog> -p <password>

    Use the password of the owner the raster catalog. For example:

    sdelayer -o alter -l Cat497178,shape -i esri_sql -g 10000,0,0 -N -u sde -p sde

    Cat497178: Name of the Raster Catalog
    esri_sql: Name of the sde service
    sde: Owner of the Raster Catalog
    sde: Password of user sde

    Sucessful completion of the command displays the following:

    ArcSDE 9.1 SQL Server Build 2178
    Layer Administration Utility
    Successfully Modified the Layer
    Successfully changed spatial index parameters and rebuild as needed.

  3. Start ArcCatalog and connect to the ArcSDE instance.
  4. Right-click on the raster catalog and select 'Update footprints'.
  5. Click OK.