How To: Check which ArcSDE edition is in use


Starting with ArcGIS 9.2, it is possible to incorporate ArcSDE data into maps from an ArcSDE Personal, Workgroup, or ArcSDE Enterprise Edition. The ArcSDE Personal Edition is not supported for use with ArcIMS or ArcGIS Server.

Instructions provided below demonstrate specifically how to check within the ArcGIS Desktop client if ArcSDE Personal or Workgroup Edition is being used.


The following instructions are for the Database Server connections for connections to ArcSDE Personal and Workgroup editions:

  1. Start ArcCatalog.
  2. Expand 'Database Servers' in the catalog tree.
  3. Right-click on the database server being used and select Properties to open the 'Database Server Properties' dialog box.
  4. The Class value can be either ArcSDE Personal Edition or ArcSDE Workgroup Edition.
    For ArcSDE Enterprise connections, the Database Connection option in the catalog tree would be used, whereas for ArcSDE Personal and Workgroup editions the Database Servers option is used.