How To: Set up ArcPad to read COM0


Instructions provided describe how to set up ArcPad 7.0 read COM0 from the GPS Preferences screen.


  1. Start ArcPad on the Desktop computer.
  2. Navigate to GPS > GPS Preferences.
  3. Select GPS tab and then select any COM port, for example COM1.
  4. Close ArcPad.
  5. Open ArcPad Studio, click Open and then navigate to the ArcPadPrefs.apx in your 'My Documents' folder and click OK.
  6. Locate the COM port that was just set under <ArcPad>/<PREFERENCES>/<GPS>/<COMPORT> and change the port=<#> to port=0. Save the .APX and close ArcPad Studio.
  7. Restart ArcPad and navigate toGPS Preferences > GPS tab. The port number should read COM0 now.