Bug: Attribute values displayed in the Feature Information dialog box use scientific notation


When viewing Feature Information in ArcPad, certain attributes are displayed using scientific notation.


The type of attribute field is set to 'Float'. This also occurs when the type of field is set to 'Double' and the Precision/Scale values are set to zero.


Calculate the current values into a new 'Double' type field and set appropriate Precision/Scale values:

  1. Add the feature class into ArcMap.
  2. Create a new field.

    A. If editing, stop the current edit session.
    B. Open the features attribute table.
    C. Click Options.
    D. Click Add Field.
    E. Name the field.
    F. Type: 'Double', no quotes.
    G. Set the Precision and Scale values. Precision= the total number of characters allowed, including decimal point(s). Scale= the number of characters allowed after the decimal point.

  3. Calculate values for the new field.

    A. Right-click on the new field heading.
    B. Calculate values.
    C. Select the previously used field from the fields list.
    D. Click OK.