How To: Connect a Bluetooth GPS in Windows Mobile 5.0


Instructions provided describe how to connect to Bluetooth GPS in Windows Mobile 5.0.


  1. Establish a connection to the device in Windows Mobile.

    On the Windows Mobile 5.0 Device, navigate to Start > Settings > Connections Tab and double-click the Bluetooth icon.
  2. On the Mode tab, check the 'Turn on Bluetooth' checkbox and uncheck the 'Make this device discoverable icon' box if it is checked.
    [O-image] Bluetooth checkboxes
  3. Select the Devices tab and then select New Partnership to scan for the Bluetooth device. Make sure the Bluetooth device is turned on so it can be recognized.
    [O-image] Checking for relationships
    If there are any existing connections appearing below New Partnership, tap and hold on the device name and click delete.

  4. Select the appropriate device name from the list, click once on the device, and then select Next.
    [O-image] Select appropriate device
  5. Enter a passkey to establish the connection and then click Next. The passkey should be located on the device or available from your systems administrator. If you click Next without entering a passkey, the Bluetooth GPS will connect, but it will not be a secure connection.
    [O-image] Entering the passkey
  6. Check the Serial Port connections checkbox and then click Finish.
    [O-image] Select serial port
  7. Select the COM Ports tab and select New Outgoing Port.
    [O-image] Select incoming port
    If there are any devices listed above New Outgoing Port, tap and hold, and then select delete. If there is more than one device outputting to the same comport, an Error 55 message will be displayed.

  8. Select the Bluetooth device and click Next.
  9. In the dropdown dialog box, select COM port 7, uncheck the Secure Connection checkbox, and click Finish.
    [O-image] Select COM7 Port
  10. Check the Bluetooth connection in ArcPad. Navigate to GPS Preferences on the GPS menu toolbar.
    [O-image] ArcPad GPS Preferences
  11. Click the Binoculars to search for the Bluetooth GPS.
    [O-image] Searching with binoculars
  12. If the Bluetooth GPS is found, select Yes at the device found dialog box. The Bluetooth GPS is now connected.
    [O-image] Device found