FAQ: What cameras are supported with ArcPad 7.0?


What cameras are supported with ArcPad 7.0?


ArcPad 7.0 includes drivers for the following connected digital cameras (support for additional connected cameras can be provided via custom camera modules):

Cameras integrated into some of the HP® iPAQ® Windows Mobile device models. These include the HP iPAQ rx3700® and hx6300® series devices.

On PCs, ArcPad includes a driver for cameras which interface via the standard Windows Multimedia API (MCI). These cameras usually connect to the PC via a USB cable, and typically include PCcam and Webcam cameras which are capable of taking still photos—although some standard digital cameras can also operate as a Webcam. There are a number of Webcam cameras available from various vendors. Creative Labs and Logitech® are two of the more well-known vendors of Webcams.

Cameras integrated into Windows Mobile 5 devices and use the standard Windows Mobile 5 camera API.