Problem: Cannot write to a shapefile that was opened in ArcPad


Cannot write to a shapefile that was opened in ArcPad.


The 'Get Data for ArcPad' button is only for geodatabase feature classes. It is possible to check out a copy of a shapefile, but not to check it back in.

Solution or Workaround

Edit a shapefile in ArcPad

Copy the shapefile into the ActiveSync folder:

1. Open and edit the file in ArcPad.
2. Sync back up to the desktop.
3. Copy over the original shapefile.


Edit a geodatabase feature class in ArcPad

1. Click the 'Get Data for ArcPad' tool from the ArcPad toolbar to export data from ArcMap to ArcPad.
[O-Image] CheckOut

2. Select layer(s) to be checked out to ArcPad. Click Next.
3. Select layer(s) to be checked out for editing in ArcPad. Click Next.
4. Specify the data's spatial extent, specified features, and specified fields utilized.
5. Specify the file name used to create the folder and where this data location is to be stored. If desired, select the check box to have ArcPad tools create an ArcPad map (.apm file) during the process.
6. Click Finish.
7. Open ArcPad on the field device and add point data. Save any edits prior to checking the data back into the personal geodatabase feature class in ArcMap.
8. Exit ArcPad from the File menu prior to checking edits back into ArcMap.
9. To add edits from ArcPad into ArcMap, first add the personal geodatabase feature class to ArcMap.
10. Start an edit session from Editor toolbar > Start Editing. The 'Check In Edits from ArcPad' tool on ArcPad toolbar is enabled for use.
[O-Image] CheckIn

To check out raster data

LizardTech software set a 50MB limitation for all ArcGIS license levels when converting raster images to SID file format for use in ArcPad. SID is a LizardTech format, therefore the check out process automatically converts the image to a SID file for use in ArcPad.

Additional products that allow the user to compress images of a larger size are available from LizardTech when more than 50MB is needed, or zoom to an extent that less than 50MB and check out.

With ArcPad release 7.0.1, ArcPad directly supports the use of the following raster image formats: GIF, JPEG, JPEG2000, MrSID, PNG, TIFF (including GeoTIFF and LZW compression), Windows Bitmap, and CADRG raster maps.

There is no size limitation when using a manual copy and paste operation to the mobile device as long as the mobile device has the available storage space.

ArcPad requires the georeferencing information and coordinate system information in order to correctly display images on a map. Georeferencing information can be included in the header of the image, associated .aux file, or world file. Coordinate system information can also be included in the header of the image, associated .aux file, or projection (.prj) file.

GeoExpress from LizardTech


ArcPad does not project on the fly. Consider reprojecting the data in ArcMap before transferring it to ArcPad.


Domains from a personal geodatabase are maintained as drop-down pick lists in ArcPad when exporting data from ArcMap to ArcPad by way of the 'Get Data for ArcPad' tool. For more information on this topic, review the domains documentation in the applicable version of ArcGIS Desktop Help.

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