Bug: Editing attributes of Oracle Spatial nil features in ArcMap crashes gsrvr


ArcSDE fails with a gsrvr crash (null pointer error) when editing features in ArcMap that have nil geometries.


A feature is stored in Oracle's SDO_GEOMETRY and the geometry is nil, such as SDO_GEOMETRY(NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL). For example, editing a text field in the attribute table editor within an edit session causes the error. This occurs when editing a versioned feature class.


The application of both Oracle 9i with ArcSDE 9.1 Service Pack 2, resolves the issue.

  1. Oracle 8i

    --Upgrade to Oracle 9i plus download ArcSDE 9.1 Service Pack 2, below.

    --If upgrading to Oracle 9i is not possible, avoid editing attributes of nil features when using Oracle Spatial feature classes.
  2. Oracle 9i

    --Download ArcSDE 9.1 Service Pack 2, below.

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