Bug: How are ArcSDE rasters impacted by SP1 at ArcIMS version 9.1?


After applying Service Pack 1 due to software defect CQ00285494, some existing ArcSDE rasters may fail to display and report the following memory error message:

"FATAL: SDE Raster: not enough memory to allocate".


This is due to the known issues "Error message 'FATAL: SDE Raster: not enough memory to allocate' is returned when viewing SDE Raster containing pyramids" (CQ00285494) and "After installing SP1 for ArcIMS 9.1 the ArcSDE Raster data is not showing / is blank at certain extents" (CQ00286847).


The following bulleted options are possible workarounds:

  • After applying Service Pack 1, reload the ArcSDE rasters.
  • Do not apply Service Pack 1. If Service Pack 1 has already been applied, apply Service Pack 2 or reinstall ArcSDE 9.1 without the Service Pack.