Error: Executing stored procedure: db2gse!ST_create_srs

Error Message

The following error message occurs after upgrading from ArcSDE 8.3 on DB2 7.2 to ArcSDE 9.0, 9.1, or 9.2 on DB2 8.1 or greater and is returned when loading data in ArcCatalog:

"executing stored procedure: db2gse!ST_create_srs"

An error message may also occur that is similar to the following in the ArcSDE error logs when running sdesetupdb2 -o upgrade or when performing other tasks such as copying and pasting data from one user's connection to another user's connection in ArcCatalog:

"Routine "*bjectids" (specific name "SQL041001104417120") is implemented with code in library or path "..._get_objectids", function "SDE.sde_get_objectids"


Upgrading ArcSDE 8.3 to ArcSDE 9.0, 9.1, or 9.2 can leave behind some indexes or triggers related to the DB2 GSE_SPATIAL_REF table. This table is not used in ArcSDE 9.0 or greater, so calls to it produce the error messages.

Solution or Workaround

After upgrading the DB2 database to 8.1, drop the DB2 table DB2GSE.GSE_SPATIAL_REF.

At the DB2 command line, issue the statement:


Or, from the DB2 Control Center, right-click the GSE_SPATIAL_REF table and choose DROP.

A user with the proper permissions must be logged in to drop the table.