Problem: ArcMap and ArcCatalog crash and/or take all of the CPU processing available


ArcMap and ArcCatalog take a long time to start, may crash on start up, and/or take all or some of the CPU processing available.

On a regular 32-bit processor, an ArcGIS application takes 95-100% of the processor. On a hyper-threaded 32-bit, an ArcGIS application takes 50% of the processor. On a 64-bit, an ArcGIS application takes 25% of the processor.


XTools Pro 3.1 is installed.

Solution or Workaround

Uninstall XTools Pro 3.1. If XTools is needed, download and install XTools Pro 3.1.1, which does not conflict with ArcGIS Desktop 9.1 applications. See Related Information below for a link to XTools Pro.

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