Error: OLE DB Provider for SQL Server: Cannot find the object 'i1_get_ids'

Error Message

When the post installation is attempted to install ArcSDE 9.1 with SQL server 2005, the following error is displayed during the repository setup:

The ArcSDE Repository was unsuccessfully completed.
Would you like to view the status? Yes or No

By clicking yes, the wise_err.log file is opened. This file can also be found at:


The following error message will appear:

ESRI ArcSDE Server Setup Utility Thu Feb 02 14:49:54 2006
Creating GeoDatabase Schema
Creating table GDB_tables_last_modified...
Granting permissions...

ERROR INFO: Underlying DBMS errorExtended Error: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server:
Cannot find the object 'i1_get_ids', because it does not exist or you do not have permission.(15151)
SDE schema object install not completed.

The error message will get progressively higher each time the Post Install is run. ie. 'i1_get_ids' will become 'i2_get_ids' and so forth.

The repository was partially populated in the database specified in the Post Installation wizard.


ArcSDE 9.1 Service Pack 1 is required for the installation of ArcSDE 9.1 with SQL server 2005.

Solution or Workaround

Use the following procedure to successfully install ArcSDE 9.1 Service Pack 1 with SQL server 2005.

  1. This incomplete install of the repository can be viewed by going into SQL server Management Studio and opening up database tables. The partially populated database should be deleted to ensure success after applying the service pack. An attempt to re-create the database and populate the repository will need to be made after the service pack for ArcSDE 9.1 has been applied.
  2. Download ArcSDE 9.1 Service Pack 1 from the link in the Related Information section below.
  3. After the service pack is installed, use the .PDF document located on the service pack page to understand the minimum requirements that must exist within the database in order for a successful install to occur. This as well as a link to a technical article on manually installing ArcSDE 9.1 with SQL server 2005 are included in the related section below.

Related Information