Problem: The Soft Input Display panel does not refresh correctly with custom forms


When a custom ArcPad input form is opened, the SIP Soft Input Panel (SIP) keyboard is automatically displayed. When the SIP keyboard is closed, the area of the form behind the SIP keyboard is not refreshed.


Windows Mobile 5.0 introduced changes that have impacted ArcPad 6.0.3.

Solution or Workaround

Select a workaround option below.

  • Design a form that does not have controls in the bottom third of the screen, for example, with a form height of 80. In general, this is a good practice as it avoids the SIP keyboard hiding controls on the form.
  • Use the SIP Transcriber instead of the SIP Keyboard.

    ESRI does not plan to release a patch for ArcPad 6.0.3 to address this issue, since the issue has been addressed in ArcPad 7.0 by updating the form's user interface from a Windows CE user interface to a Windows Mobile user interface. ArcPad 7.0 also includes a number of changes which optimize ArcPad 7.0 for more recent versions of Windows Mobile (2003 Second Edition and 5.0.