How To: Use the ChangeDetector or Matcher transformers in a Data Interoperability Spatial ETL tool


The instructions provided describe how to apply the ChangeDetector or Matcher transformers in the Data Interoperability Workbench.


This process uses the following transformers in the Data Interoperability Workbench.

• Deaggregator
• Coordinate Rounder
• Change Detector

Sample Data
Sample data for this procedure is included in the Related Information section below. The sample data contains a personal geodatabase containing three polygon feature classes in a feature dataset. The feature classes STATES and STATES_COPY are identical. In the third feature class, STATES_DIFFERENT, the state of California is divided in two.

The ChangeDetector transformer in this sample identifies the change between the three feature classes. It writes outputs to a new personal geodatabase that show which data is different and which data is still the same.

This sample data was created at ArcGIS 9.x; to use it in ArcGIS 10.x, upgrade the personal geodatabase in ArcCatalog.
To upgrade a geodatabase do the following:

A. In ArcCatalog, right-click the geodatabase and select Properties.

B. In the Database Properties window, click the Upgrade Geodatabase button in the Upgrade Status section.

C. In the Upgrade Geodatabase tool, verify that the defaults are correct and click OK.

D. After the tool has run, click OK to close the Database Properties window.

E. Open the Data Interoperability Workbench.

F. In the Navigator pane, update the Source Personal Geodatabase and the Destination ESRI Geodatabase File under Parameters.

[O-Image] Upgrade a geodatabase

  1. Download the ChangeDector and Matcher Transformer Sample Data, Article30465.zip, from the Related Information section below.
  2. Extract the 'matching.tbx' and 'usa.mdb' files to a stable directory on the local hard drive.
  3. Add ‘matching.tbx’ to ArcToolbox.

    A. Open ArcCatalog.

    B. Open ArcToolbox, right-click ArcToolbox, and select Add Toolbox.

    C. In the Add Toolbox window, navigate to 'matching.tbx,' select it, and click Open to finish the process.

  4. In ArcToolbox, expand 'matching', right-click ChangeDetector, and select Edit.
  5. In the Data Interoperability Workbench, the Inputs, Deaggregators, ChangeDetector transformers, and Outputs are displayed. The following points describe the sample’s data flow.

    To better understand how a transformer operates, right-click the transformer and examine its properties.

    • States_Different is input into the Deaggregator which provides input to CoordinateRounder.

    • States is input into the Deaggregator, which provides input to CoordinateRounder2.

    • Rounded coordinates are input into the ChangeDetector transformer that outputs feature classes into a new personal geodatabase that contains the results of the comparison.

Related Information