Bug: Identify tool doesn't show attribute values of an integer raster that has more than 256 unique values


An ESRI GRID can have several columns in its value attribute table (VAT). When performing an Identify on a raster in ArcMap which is using a Stretched renderer, the Identify window should return the value of the pixel, its stretched value, and also the attribute information. However if there are more than 256 unique values, the attribute information is not shown.


By design, the Identify tool returns the true pixel values as well as values after rendering, i.e. whatever seen on the map display. If a raster has a table of more than 256 values, by default ArcMap will display it with a stretch renderer, and identify will return a pixel value and stretched value.


To identify all the attribute information in the table, change the renderer to unique value renderer then perform identify.

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