Error: Error instantiating webpage

Error Message

The following error message is displayed instead of the translation result when using the DDE tool:

"Error instantiating webpage: FileNotFoundException: Cannot find file C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\safeViewerHTML\htmlTemplates\fetchGifSuccess.html (The system cannot find the path specified)"


This is usually due to an incorrect path value in the DDE properties.

Solution or Workaround

Review and update all property values in the DDE servlet properties file web.xml. If the default setup of DDE is used with its integrated Tomcat version, the file is located at <DDE installation directory>\tomcat\webapps\servlet\WEB-INF.

If servlet engine like ServletExec or Tomcat has been configured with the DDE servlet (DDE.war file), then the location of the file will be under the according DDE folder in the servlet engine's directory.