Error: Unable to find phone

Error Message

When using the ArcWeb Services Mobile Toolkit's LocationMidlet sample, the following error from the wireless device emulator is returned:

"Unable to find phone"

The error occurs when attempting to locate a landline number or a mobile number. The emulator's debug console returns the following error:

"Error: 1015: Unauthorized data source"


The functionality behind the LocationMidlet sample requires an ArcWeb Services account that has access to Commercial ArcWeb Services. Public ArcWeb Services users cannot locate landline phone numbers or wireless devices.

Solution or Workaround

Sign up for a free 90-day Commercial Services evaluation by visiting: http://www.arcwebservices.com/v2006/evaluate.jsp
You can purchase access to Commercial ArcWeb Services by visiting: http://www.arcwebservices.com/v2006/buy.jsp

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