How To: Find the session log file tables in tempdb of a SQL Server DBMS


Instructions provided describe how to view the session log file tables in the temporary database (tempdb) of a SQL Server DBMS.


The recommended log file configuration for ArcSDE for SQL Server is session-based log file tables created in tempdb. To find the names of the log file tables, execute a query in tempdb to return a list of the tables located there.

Execute the following query from a query window in the Query Analyzer or Management Studio:

USE tempdb
SELECT * FROM information_schema.tables

The returned list of tables includes table names, their types, and the names of the schemas in which the tables reside. The session-based log file table names will follow this format in ArcSDE 9 through 9.3.1: ##SDE_session<sde_id>. In ArcSDE 10.x, the format is ##SDE_session<sde_id>_<database_id>.
Temporary objects do not show up in Enterprise Manager or the Object Explorer in Management Studio; therefore, the query shown above must be executed to see these tables.