How To: Migrate ArcWeb Services version 2 data to version 2006


This article contains information on how to migrate ArcWeb Services Version 2.0 data to Version 2006.


  1. Navigate to the ArcWeb site and select the Build tab.
  2. Click the Migrate V2 POI data link in the left navigation panel. A dialog box appears prompting for confirmation.
  3. Click OK. On completion, ArcWeb sends an e-mail report detailing the results of the migration.

    When version 2 POIs are migrated, the data appears in the Content Library as a data file, a layer, and a spatial query service. The data file is named V2_POI, the layer is named <username>:V2_POI, and the spatial query service is named <username>:User.Defined.POI.

    Any icons that were uploaded for v2 become styles in v2006. The style has the same name as the v2 icon.

    Any subsequent migrations overwrite the previous data files and styles and the layer and spatial query service automatically reference the most recently migrated V2_POI data file.