How To: Create a direct connect from ArcIMS to ArcSDE for SQL server


Instructions proivided describe how ArcIMS connects to and reads spatial data directly in a SQL server database without having to use an ArcSDE Application server service. This connection is almost identical to the connection established via using a service and communicated using the same TCP/IP protocol.

Instead of using the gsrvr process on the server, direct connects reply upon a direct connect driver that is installed in the \bin folder of the ArcIMS client and communicate using the default port that is set by the SQL server instance. This port is set to 1433 by default, but it can be altered per instance in the network configuration properties.

Three tier application server connections to ArcSDE from ArcIMS can be easily done via Author. In some cases, the ArcSDE Application server may need to be bypassed. Create these connections to spread the load between server and client machines when robust clients are being used. By using direct connect, the load of the connection is placed on the client machine, whereas 3 tier connections place the load of the process on the ArcSDE server (gsrvr).


Update the SDEWORKSPACE element in the .AXL file to configure ArcIMS to connect via direct connect.

Direct connections cannot be configured through Author. Edit an existing .AXL file to configure direct connect, or create a new empty .AXL file using author and access this to make the corresponding changes.

Access the .AXL file and make the following changes:


<SDEWORKSPACE name="sde_ws-0" server="narley" instance="port:5151"
database="test" user="test" encrypted="true" password="EPYCJM" geoindexdir="C:\DOCUME~1\ />


<SDEWORKSPACE name="sde_ws-0" server="narley" instance="sde:sqlserver:narley"
database="test" user="test" encrypted="false" password="test" geoindexdir="C:\DOCUME~1\ />

Replace values in:
instance = sde:sqlserver:<datasource_name>
encrypted = false
password = password

Datasource_name is the instance name for SQL server on the database server. This defaults to the server name.

Requirements for direct connect:
In order to make a direct connect, the server and client software versions must match. This means that the ArcSDE geodatabase repository must be at the same version level as the client software.

Read up on any additional requirements that may exist in the ArcSDE for SQL server Config and Tuning guide located in the %SDEHOME%\documentation folder on the ArcSDE server.

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