How To: Substitute fonts for ArcGIS Server on Unix / Linux


This article includes information on how to substitute fonts for use with ArcGIS Server on Solaris / Linux.

Font substitution allows a font name to be mapped. For example, 'fontA' is to be mapped in another font, 'fontB'. It allows ArcGIS server to use 'fontB' wherever 'fontA' is used in an ArcMap document. Font substitution can be used in the following cases:

Case 1. A font that is used in ArcMap document but it is not installed on Solaris / Linux.
Case 2. If there is an intent to use a font on Solaris / Linux that was not available on Windows when the ArcMap document was created.


  1. Type the following on a Solaris or Linux terminal where ArcGIS server is installed:

    source <ArcGIS Server installation location>/../init_engine.csh

  2. Start the Windows Registry Editor by typing 'regedit' and press enter.
  3. Navigate to HKey_Local_Machine > Software > MainSoft > TTFontSubsitutes.
  4. Add a new string with name 'fontA'. For the value of this string, specify 'fontB'. 'fontA' is used in the ArcMap document but 'fontB' which is installed on Solaris / Linux is substituted for display.

    Truetype fonts used by ArcGIS server are located in the folder $MWHOME/fonts.
  5. Close the Registry Editor windows after confirming the changes are correct.
  6. Stop ArcGIS Server by navigating to <ArcGIS Server installation location>/arcgis and launch the stopserver script (for example, ./stopserver).
  7. Stop MainWin with the following command:

    mwadm stop

  8. Start MainWin with the following command:

    mwadm start

  9. At a new terminal, start ArcGIS Server, navigate to <ArcGIS Server installation location>/arcgis and launch the startserver script (for example, ./startserver ).

    Any Server Object created in the map document that uses 'fontA' now displays using 'fontB'. When ArcGIS server is used on Solaris / Linux, verify that font substitution is applied on all machines where ArcGIS server is installed.