How To: Upgrade ArcSDE from 9.0 to 9.1 for SQL server


ArcSDE 9.1 registration number or authorization file, .ECP, needed
ArcSDE 9.1 software.
Backup the %SDEHOME%\bin folder and the database.


It is good practice to delete the service before uninstalling the software. In some cases, the application server is not modified, but it is recommended to recreate services when upgrading complete versions, eg., 9.0 to 9.1. If the service is not deleted manually, the uninstaller for ArcSDE 9.0 will prompt to delete the existing services.

Make notes of all the information regarding current services so that they can be recreated with the same parameters by running the sdeservice -o list command at a command prompt. This will give information regarding each service.

This will be used along with the contents of the services.sde file that is located in the following location:

It is important to get this information before uninstalling ArcSDE 9.0 because it will be deleted.

  1. Stop and delete services
    Services need to be stopped before they are deleted. Stop the services using 'net stop <service name>' at the command prompt, or using 'sdemon -o shutdown -i <service> -p <sde_password>'.

    Delete services by using 'sdeservice -o delete -i <service name>' at the command prompt. Since all services need to be deleted, type 'sdeservice -o delete' and it will prompt to delete each service individually.

    If the service has been paused, make sure to resume before stopping or deleting. Paused processes can lead to problems in the upgrade process.

  2. Uninstall the 9.0 software
    After the services are deleted, the 9.0 software can be uninstalled by navigating to Control Panel > Add and Remove programs.
  3. Remove services entries out of OS services file
    The uninstall removes services entries in the SDE services file that is located in the %SDHOME%\etc folder, but it doesn't clear out entries in the OS services file.

    Clean the entries for ArcSDE services out of the bottom of this file now or later when trying to recreate services in the Post Installation wizard.

    It is best to clean this file out now, because if the services are recreated with the same name and port number as previously used there will be a conflict when going through the Post Installation wizard.

    Locate the OS services file and delete the entries for the SDE services. The ArcSDE service entries are located towards the bottom of this file. This file can be found at one of the following locations:
  4. Install the 9.1 software
    Proceed with installing the new 9.1 software. This installs necessary files to the %SDEHOME% directory and continues with starting the Post Installation Wizard. Choose the Custom option of the Post Installer and proceed by checking all options EXCEPT the first, 'Create SDE database and user'. This runs through the repository upgrade, software authorization, and creating and restarting the ArcSDE services.

    If the multiple database architecture is in use, it is a good idea to run the checkschema utility before attempting to upgrade your database repository tables to ensure a successful upgrade.

    Creating services is where the information previously saved regarding services existing at 9.0 can be used. This ensures that the same connection information still works for the databases.

    Remember to run the custom post install for all of your databases.

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