Error: Oracle - Error starting esri_sde service -93 DBMS error code: 1017

Error Message

The following error message is received in the SDE error log after trying to start the ArcSDE service. The problem is related to the SDE user password.


ArcSDE 9.1 Oracle9i Build 1333 Tue Sep 20 15:57:41 PDT 2005


init_DB DB_instance_open_as_dba: -93

DBMS error code: 1017

ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied


The service won't start because the password the SDE service was created with and the password set for the SDE user within the database currently do not match.

Solution or Workaround

There are a couple options in order to resolve this problem and get the service started:

  1. Delete and recreate the service
    The steps to follow for this option would be delete the service, reset the SDE user password to ensure accuracy, and recreate the service. In order to do this the following technical article will need to be looked over for proper use of the ArcSDE command references.
    How to delete an ArcSDE service:
  2. Change password in database for SDE user. If the SDE password that the service was initially created with is still known then the SDE password in the database can be changed again to match the SDE user password for the service.
  3. Alter the SDE user password for the service. If the SDE user password has been altered within the database and you wish to change the SDE password for the service to match this you can use the following command.

    You must know the old SDE password to complete this command. This is the -p <SDE_DBA_PASSWORD> in the example below:

    The registry keyword for SDE password is SDE_DBA_PASSWORD.


    ESRI ArcSDE System Service Utility Fri Nov 11 14:58:01 2005
    sdeservice -o modify -r <registry_keyword> -v <new_value>
    -p <SDE_DBA_Password> [-i <service>]

    If sdemon -o start returns the following error, please refer to the article linked below:

    "esri_sde service failed during initialization.
    Please check event log or error log files.
    Error starting esri_sde service(997)
    Could not start ArcSDE -- Check Network, $SDEHOME disk, DBMS settings"

    Error starting esri_sde service (997)