Error: ERR0104 XML parsing Error when trying to create a map service for Route Server

Error Message

When trying to create a Route Server service in Administrator, the following error message is returned:

[ERR0406] Error when trying to administer Service. Service 'test' cannot be created.
A warning message was received from an ArcIMS Spatial Server
View a detailed description of this warning message in the message console.

The following error message is returned in the Administrator Message Console:

Adding Service...
> 6 oct. 2005 16:01:13: org.xml.sax.SAXParseException
[ERR0418] An error occurred in parsing the map configuration file.
Illegal character at end of document, n.
> 6 oct. 2005 16:01:13: java.lang.String
<ERROR>[ERR0104] XML parsing Error.</ERROR> null


These errors are returned because the Application server's is unable to parse any layers that contain the "SDCGeocode" or "Route" extension in the .AXL file. The custom server keywords and server name mappings are stored in the RouteServer.xml file within a folder called PvtServers.

This folder gets installed on the same machine as Route Server. However, in High Availability ArcIMS configurations, where the Application and Spatial servers are on separate machines, the Route Server installer does not check to see if the Application Server is present and installs the files locally.

Solution or Workaround

Copy the \PvtServers folder that contains the RouteServer.xml file from the directory <ArcIMS Installation directory>\AppServer on the server where the ArcIMS Spatial Server and ArcIMS Route Server is installed.

  1. Paste the \PvtServers folder into the directory <ArcIMS Installation directory>\AppServer on the server where the ArcIMS Application Server is installed.
  2. Restart the ArcIMS Windows services.