Bug: Find tool in the HTML Viewer returns only text fields in the results table


The result of a Find tool transaction lists the feature layer's attributes, but only includes the OBJECTID, #SHAPE# and the remaining fields that are of type '12', or text. Fields of type '4' and '8', integer and double, are excluded.


The Find tool uses the SQL 'LIKE' operator and therefore it is only intended to search on string fields.

However, the same list of fields that is generated for the WHERE clause of the request is also used for the 'subfields' attribute in the request. Therefore, only the OBJECTID, #SHAPE# and text fields are returned in the query result.


See the link in the Related Information section below for a commented, customized aimsQuery.js file to replace the default aimsQuery.js file. The edits create a separate list for the 'subfields' attribute used in the Find tool's GET_FEATURES request.

The workaround honors any edits made in ArcIMSparam.js, i.e., the selFieldList and fieldAliasList arrays, to omit and alias specified attribute fields.

    Related Information