Problem: Cannot set an alias for an ArcSDE View in ArcCatalog


ArcCatalog ignores the value set for a feature class alias for an SDE view.


The ArcSDE view has not been registered with the geodatabase. Before this can happen the view must be registered with ArcSDE and have an ObjectID specified. If the ArcSDE view does not have an ObjectID, then it cannot be registered with the geodatabase in ArcCatalog.

Solution or Workaround

  1. Using the command 'sdetable -o create_view', specify an objectID as one of the columns to include in the view. For example:

    C:\>sdetable -o create_view -T viewtest1 -t sde.prov,sde.xylow -c prov.objectid,prov.code,prov.name,prov.area2,xylow.x,xylow.y -i esri_sde -u <username>

  2. After the view is created, right-click and select 'Register with the Geodatabase.'
  3. Set an alias.