How To: Update ArcSDE Connections parameter and DBMS connection processes


When the ArcSDE 'Connections' parameter is increased, the DBMS connections need to be updated as well. Instructions provided describe how to update the ArcSDE 'Connections' parameter and the DBMS connection processes in Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server.


Increase the ArcSDE 'Connections' parameters using the giomgr.defs file, and update the DBMS connections process by modifying the settings in the DBMS management console to synchronize these settings.

  1. Export the contents of the server_config table using the sdeconfig command.

    sdeconfig -o export -f %SDEHOME%\etc\giomgr.defs -i <sde service name or direct connection>
    -D <sde database> -p <sde password> -u <sde user name>

  2. Navigate to the etc directory in SDEHOME and open the giomgr.defs file in a text editor and locate the following text:

    # If more server connections are needed,
    # increase this value for connections parameter.

    connections 48 # maximum number of connections

    # NOTE: On Windows machines, you may need to
    # increase server non-interactive desktop memory.

  3. Increase the 'connections' parameter by commenting out the original parameter and set it to the required value. Save the changes to the giomgr.defs file.
  4. Import the new settings into the server_config table by opening a command prompt and typing:

    sdeconfig -o import -f %SDEHOME%\etc\giomgr.defs -i <sde service name or direct connection>
    -D <sde database> -p <sde password> -u <sde user name>

  5. For Oracle databases, open the Enterprise Manager Console and log in to the Oracle database. Right-click the database and select View/Edit details. In the Edit Database dialog box, click the 'AllInitializationParameters' button. Locate the process by scrolling through the parameters, and then increase the number in the Value field. When prompted, shut down and restart the Oracle database for this change to take effect.
  6. For Microsoft SQL Server databases, connections can be increased in Enterprise Manager or Management Studio. Right-click the SQL Server instance > click Properties > click the Connections tab (or page in Management Studio). Increase the 'Maximum concurrent user connections' and restart the DBMS server.

    If the maximum number of concurrent connections is already set to 0, meaning there is no limit to the number of concurrent connections, there is no need to increase this value.

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