Error: 'TABCTL32.OCX' OR one of its dependencies NOT correctly registered: a file is missing OR invalid

Error Message

The following error message is displayed when the CHECKSCHEMA utility is run:

"'TABCTL32.OCX' OR one of its dependencies NOT correctly registered:
a file is missing OR invalid."

Prior to an upgrade, the CHECKSCHEMA utility is often run against the database repository to check for orphaned records. Most of the time this utility is run directly on the ArcSDE server on which it was installed. This tool can be found under the following location:


After version 9.2, the checkschema.exe utility is no longer a part of the ArcSDE install.

Checkschema is an unsupported software tool. ESRI does not guarantee the suitability of this software for any specific purpose, and ESRI acknowledges that this software will not find every problem with ArcSDE system tables. It does not check geodatabase system tables (those system tables that begin with GDB_). It is provided only as a diagnostic aid.


The error message is caused by the lack of certain libraries installed on the machine that are needed to properly run the CHECKSCHEMA tool. Since the CHECKSCHEMA tool does not have an installation process or install any DLL's, it relies on the presence of certain libraries that are installed by an ADO (ActiveX Data Objects) environment.

The user's guide for the CHECKSCHEMA tool provides details on how to run this tool and can be found at the following location:


Solution or Workaround

Instead of installing an ADO environment application on the ArcSDE server, use another computer containing the necessary ADO files. If Microsoft Office or ArcGIS is installed on another computer, these necessary files are included.

Copy the CHECKSCHEMA utility to another Windows computer, then run the CHECKSCHEMA utility from there to access the ArcSDE server.

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