How To: Reshape the edge of a polygon to match a line feature


Instructions provided describe how to reshape the edge of a polygon to match a line feature.


Reshape a polygon to a line using the steps below.

  1. Create a map topology with the polygon.
  2. Set snapping to 'vertex' and 'end' for both the line and the polygon layer.
  3. Select the polygon with the topology edit tool so that the edge appears purple.
  4. Select the line that will be used to reshape the edge of the polygon.
  5. Change the edit task to Reshape Edge.
  6. Using the sketch tool, click on the polygon edge first and then snap to the line feature. Change the sketch tool to trace, and trace the line feature. At the end of the line, click to end the trace.
  7. Change the trace tool back to the sketch tool and double-click the end of the polygon.