How To: Use the batch copy raster tool


This article provides the source code and instructions for the batch copy raster tool.

This tool only copies ESRI GRID, TIFF and IMG files.


  1. Download the BatchCopyRasters.zip from the Related Information section below. Save locally.
  2. Extract the ZIP to C:\temp so the files are both located at C:\temp and not in a subfolder.
  3. In ArcCatalog, open ArcToolbox and add a toolbox:
    A. Right-click on the ArcToolbox icon.
    B. Select Add Toolbox.
    C. Navigate to C:\Temp and select the Batch Copy Raster.tbx
  4. Open the toolbox and double-click on the Copy Rasters in Folder script.
    [O-image] Copy Raster in Folder box
  5. Fill in the information needed; the folder with the rasters, the output folder and if needed, seach in the subfolders.

    This process takes some time depending on the number of images in the folder and the type of compression. Be sure that there is enough space on the hard drive to make these copies.

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