How To: Setup regional settings (locale) on Unix for ArcGIS Server


Instructions provided describe how to setup regional settings (locale) on Unix for ArcGIS Server. By using the MainWin Control Panel (mwcontrol) the Regional Settings for ArcGIS Server on Unix can be set.

At 9.2 and above the ArcGIS Server initialization runs a script to setup the mw regional locale. This script will OVERWRITE any changes made manually in this procedure. Therefore in most cases these steps are not necessary. Restart ArcGIS Server to engage the changes to the UNIX machine's locale.


Follow the steps below.

  1. Log into X Windows (or configure X11 forwarding to a valid X Windows server) as the ArcGIS Server user account and open a terminal on the machine where ArcGIS Server is installed.
  2. Type at the command prompt:

    <ArcGISServer location>/scripts/stopserver

    This stops the ArcGIS Server services.
  3. Initialize your shell with the ArcGIS Server environment, replacing <ArcGISServer location> with the appropriate directory.

    • If using Bash shell, type:

    source <ArcGISServer location>/servercore/.Server/init_server.sh
    . <ArcGISServer location>/servercore/.Server/init_server.sh

    • If using C shell, type:

    source init_server.csh

    • If using Bourne shell (sh), type:

    . <ArcGISServer location>/servercore/.Server/init_server.sh

  4. Start the MainWin registry and RPC servers.

    mwadm start

  5. Open the MainWin Control Panel.


  6. Click the 'Regional Settings' icon to open the Regional Settings Properties dialog.
  7. Select the required locale in the Regional Settings Tab.

    Check the 'Set as System default Locale' option in the bottom of the dialog.

    If required, specify the Number, Currency, Time and Date options in this dialog as well.

  8. Click OK to accept the settings and to close the Regional Settings Properties dialog Window.
  9. Close the MainWin Control Panel.
  10. Stop the MainWin registry and RPC servers

    mwadm stop

  11. Type at the command prompt:

    <ArcGISServer location>/scripts/startserver

    This starts the ArcGIS Server services.
    ArcGIS Server is now running with the new Locale settings.
    If running 9.2 or above, any changes made in steps 1-10 will be reverted back to the default installation locale once ArcGIS Server is restarted. See note at beginning of article