Problem: Problems displaying data created in ArcInfo Workstation or ArcSDE


This problem has been fixed in version 9.2 of the ArcGIS products listed above.

The following information is for Unix and Linux users.

International users with UNIX and LINUX systems have a problem displaying data created in ArcInfo Workstation or ArcSDE with ArcReader, ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS Engine. International users with Windows systems are not affected.


A locale directory is missing from ArcReader, ArcGIS Server and ArcEngine installations.

For example, Russian coverage with ISO codepage was used to create a PMF file and copied to UNIX to be viewed in ArcReader. The labels are shown as garbage characters.

Solution or Workaround

Install the /locale directory under <install location>/arcgis.

  1. Download the compressed TAR file from Data source to the local machine.
  2. Uncompress and extract the TAR file.

    Ensure that the last letter of the file is a capital Z; otherwise, the uncompress command will not work.

  3. At the UNIX prompt, type:
    %cd <ArcGIS installation location> %uncompress esriDataSourcesFile.tar.Z
    %tar xvf esriDataSourcesFile.tar
  4. Verify that there is now a locale/codepage directory in the install location such as, /disk1/arcgis/locales/codepage.
    The codepage directory should contain 45 .txt files.
  5. Delete the TAR file.