How To: Modify an ArcGIS Server Web Application written in previous version to support customization in latest version


Instructions provided describe how to upgrade an ArcGIS Server Web application built using ESRI .NET Web controls and ArcGIS Server.

This article is inclusive of all Service Packs.


Use the following procedure to modify an existing previous ArcGIS Server Web application in the targeted version of ArcGIS Server.

  1. Navigate to C:\WINDOWS\assembly and look for the first ESRI assembly; for example, ESRI.ArcGIS.ADF.
  2. Next to the assembly is the version number and public key token. Make note of these values since they are needed for the next step.
  3. Open the Web application in Microsoft Visual Studio .NET.
  4. In the HTML view, replace all the old version and public key to the values that are found in step 3. The Namespace value does not need to be changed unless that assembly is not located in the assembly folder at all.
    For example:  
    %@ Register TagPrefix="esri" Namespace="ESRI.ArcGIS.Server.WebControls" Assembly="ESRI.ArcGIS.Server.WebControls, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=8fc3cc631e44ad86" %>
    The 'Version=' attribute value must be specified exactly as the one found in your assembly folder from step 2.
  5. Build and save the application.

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