How To: Set up ArcIMS Tasker to cleanup temporary .mxd/.pmf files


When an ArcMap service is created, a copy of the .mxd/.pmf file used in the creation of the service is stored in a temporary folder on the machine where ArcMap Server is installed. On Windows, this is located at <ArcIMS Install Location>/Server/tmp, and on Solaris/Linux this directory is located at $AIMSHOME/tmp.

These .mxd/.pmf files are not used once the service has been created and can be deleted. This document explains the procedure to setup the ArcIMS (9.x) Tasker for cleanup of these .mxd/.pmf files.


  1. If ArcIMS Tasker is installed on a different machine than Arcmap Server, share the tmp folder on the ArcMap Server machine and provide full control of this folder to the windows account that is used to start the ArcIMS Tasker service.
  2. Open Tasks.xml file in a text editor.
    • On Windows, this file is located under the folder <ArcIMS Install location>\AppServer\Tasker.
    • On Solaris/Linux, this file is located under the folder $AIMSHOME/Middleware/Tasker.
  3. For a single server configuration (All ArcIMS components on a single machine):
    1. Add the following line between <TASKS> and </TASKS>:
      <CLEANUP dir="Location of tmp" exts="mxd,pmf" interval="1440" />
      At ArcIMS 9.1, this line may already exist on Windows machines but with the incorrect path to the cleanup directory. Modify the path to read the value of dir as shown below. Please note the correct cleanup folder name is "tmp" and not "temp"
    2. Set the desired interval for cleanup in minutes.
    3. Use absolute path to the location of tmp folder.
      • Example on Windows - C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\ArcIMS\Server\tmp
      • Example on Solaris/Linux- /net/machine/machine1/arcgis/arcims/tmp
    For a distributed configuration (ArcMap Server on multiple machines):
    1. Add the following line for each ArcMap Server machine between <TASKS> and </TASKS>:
      <CLEANUP dir="Location of tmp in machine 1" exts="mxd,pmf" interval="1440" />
      <CLEANUP dir="Location of tmp in machine 2" exts="mxd,pmf" interval="1440" />
      On Windows use a UNC path (for example - \\machine1\Server\tmp) to the location of tmp folder.
    2. Save and close the Tasks.xml file after these changes are made.
  4. Stop and start ArcIMS Tasker for the new settings to take effect.