How To: Display a custom image in the Select Image browser in Visual Studio (.NET ADF)


Instructions provided describe how to have the Select Image browser display custom images. The Toolbar Collection Editor in the .NET ADF allows the user to select custom images to display on toolbar items.


Follow the steps below.

  1. Using Windows Explorer, place the custom image file in the Images directory of the Visual Studio project.
  2. In Visual Studio, open the project's Solution Explorer browser.
  3. Right-click the images folder and select Add > Add Existing Item.
[O-Image] Add Existing Item
  1. Change the Files of type filter at the bottom to All files (*.*).
  2. Select the custom image to be added to the project and click Open.
  3. Open the Toolbar Collection Editor and open the Select Image dialog.
  4. In the Projects tree on the left, Select the images folder. The Contents panel on the right now lists the new custom image that can now be used for the toolbar item.
[O-Image] Select Image Dialog