Problem: The datum of the projection specified in ArcPad defaults to WGS_84


When specifying an ArcPad projection, the datum may default to WGS_84 even if the specified projection is based on a different datum.


This may occur if the default system path is changed or if there is a custom ArcPadPrefs.apx file applied (which may change the default system path).

There should be an apdatums.dbf file in the ArcPad > System folder. This is necessary for the .prj file to use the correct datum.

If the default path for the System Files Path has been changed in ArcPad (Options > Paths), then it may no longer see the apdatums.dbf file. When ArcPad can't see the apdatums.dbf file, the datum will default to WGS_84.

Solution or Workaround

  1. Change the System Files Path back to ArcPad > System folder.
  2. Move the apdatums.dbf to the directory that is listed under System Files Path.
  3. Remove the custom ArcPadPrefs.apx to restore the default path names.